Link: 3DXpert License Guide         

A Floating License Server may be providing an entire base package license of 3DXpert.  In this case
   the client PC does not need it's own hasp key or local license.  

A Floating License Server may be providing licensing for individual modules of 3DXpert.  In this case
   the client PC does need it's own hasp key and local license.

In either case, connection to the Floating License Server is the same.

1)  Access the External Cimatron Control panel and go to the Licensing tab.
     Run the License Manager utility.

2)  Check the box to "Use Server License."

3)  Put in the PC name or IP address of the Floating License Sever PC.
    (True even if the same PC is being used as a Floating License Server and a client.)

4) We recommend leaving the default port number 10106.  The port number must match the port chosen at the server.

5)  When the connection to the server license is made, the Red ball icon turns to Green.

6)  The lower area of the license manager screen will display any local license information, and also the license options
     that are now available from the floating server.

7)  Select on the "Save Settings" icon.  Close the utility.

During server connection, the ball icon may be Yellow for a while. This means that the utility is having a problem finding the Floating Server.
Check that:
         a)  The Cimatron License Server utility at the floating server has a status of Running.
         b)  The Floating Server PC can be seen on the network.
         c)  The Floating License Server may have a dynamic IP address.  Using the PC name is generally more preferred.
         d)  Turn off the firewall on the Floating Server PC.  If the clients now connect, the firewall was blocking the ability to float a license.
              Turn the firewall back on, but create exceptions for:
                   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cimatron\Cimatron License Server\CimLmService.exe
                   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cimatron\Cimatron License Server\CimServiceMonitor.exe
                   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cimatron\Cimatron License Server\CimLicManager.exe
                   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cimatron\Cimatron License Server\Haspdinst.exe