Link:  3DXpert License Guide

Link:  3DXpert License server software

     Note:  License Server is only a required utility in the case of Floating licenses.
                It only needs to be installed on the PC chosen as the floating server.

1) Select a suitable PC for License Server installation.  The PC chosen to be the floating server can also be used to run 3DXpert.
    Supported operating systems are:
    + Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, or Server 2012 R2
    + Windows 7, 8, or 10

2) Insert the Hasp Key into an available USB port on the PC.  Having the key plugged in prior to installation assures the the Hasp driver will install.

3) Start the install from the download (setup.exe) or from the main software autorun screen.

    (License Server 7.0 is correct for 3DXpert version 14 or earlier.)

4) We recommend installing the software to the default folder location.

5) Select Install to begin the installation process.

6) After the installation has finished, access the Cimatron Licence Server utility from the newly created desktop shortcut.

7) We recommend using the License path already set by default in the utility.  Place the Cimatron license file (.cml extension) that matches
    the Hasp Key on the PC into the C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Systems\License Server\Licenses folder.

8) Press the Save Configuration Icon.

9)  Press the Start icon.  The lower left corner of the window show the status of the Server as Running.

10)  To view the license options that are currently being floated, select the License Information icon.

If the Floating service fails to start, check that:
         a)  The Hasp Key is plugged into the PC and has a red light on it.
         b)  The License File and Hasp Key are matched to each other.  (example:  Hasp Key AB12 and License File AB12xxx.cml)
         c)  The License File has not expired.
         d)  The License File is found in the folder that The Cimatron License Server is looking to.