License files are sent from the Sales Department to the Main keycode contact at your company.
When a new version is released, or a temporary license expires, the contact will receive a new license by email.

To request a copy of a License File, email
You can also contact the Tech Support desk at
Phone : 1-877-596-9700

Link: 3DXpert License Guide

Only two things are required to License Cimatron software - the Hasp Key and a matching License File.

Access the External 3DXpert Control panel and go to the Licensing tab.

Verify Hasp Key:
1) If the Hasp Key was plugged in during the Cimatron install, it should already have a red light on it and be ready for use.
    However, to verify that the Hasp Key is recognized by the PC, run the Get NODE IDs utility.  A good result will show the
    4 digit Node ID of the Hasp Key.  If the Node ID result is "Plug was not found", this indicates a problem with the Hasp Key,
    the Hasp Key driver, or the USB port in use.

Connect to License File:
2)  License files arrive by email and may be in a .zip file.  Unzip these so that you have the .cml file.

3)  Place the License File into a folder on the PC.  We recommend a local folder. For example: C:\3DXpert_Documents.
    (placing license files in a network folder may lead to brief software pauses when network traffic is heavy.)

4)  Run the License Manager utility from the 3DXpert Control Panel.  This utility requires PC administrator rights.

5)  Browse to the local license folder you chose.  The lower portion of the license manager window will show information about the
     license files found in the folder, like what modules are available and when they expire.

6)   Use the Save Settings icon.  Close the utility.
      (If no save icon exists, you do not have local PC admin rights.)

If attempting to start 3DXpert results in a license related error, check that:
         a)  The Hasp Key is plugged into the PC and has a red light on it.
         b)  The License File and Hasp Key are matched to each other.  (example:  Hasp Key AB12 and License File AB12xxx.cml)
         c)  The License File has not expired.
         d)  The License File is found in the folder that the License Manager is looking to.