Drawn by, Designed by, and Approved by are all existing Symbolic Texts that you can use on a drawing.  But as these are generally not filled out in the browser attribute area, they do not give any useful result.
If you look at the attributes that ARE filled out in the browser, you will see Created by and Modified by.  These are automatically provided by the system.  These are the ones you want to use, but on the list of symbolic texts, they are not found!
I have never understood why Cimatron leaves these out, but they do.  You can add them yourself.
You will need to shut Cimatron down and edit the C:\program files\3d systems\cimatron\14.0\data\resource\sym_txt.csv file.
Create 4 new lines, and fill them out like this:
The capital letters are important!!  These texts will not work with lower case letters, so follow this format exactly.
Restart Cimatron and try any of the 4 new texts you have made.
The 2 part level ones will require attaching the text to a part in a view.  The 2 drawing level ones just look to the drawing and work fine with no attachment.