A dialog window can sometimes open off the screen.  It happens when switching from 2 monitors to 1, or opening files from users with un-docked  panes.

These can be brought back onto screen in one of two ways.

1).  The windows method for moving a lost dialog is to make sure the lost window has active focus (most recently used) and then use the Alt+Spacebar keys together.  From the pop-up menu choose M for Move.  Then hold down the indicated keyboard arrow key until the lost window comes back on screen.

2).  If the problem has affected too many things, quit the Cimatron session and open the Cimatron external control panel.  From the settings tab run the Reset All utility and the Reset Panes utility.  using these together will but every pane and dialog back into the Cimatron default position.  Be aware though that it will also revert the function toolbars to the default state.  If you had a custom toolbar arrangement, you will need to re-load your custom profile.