Right click in a Cimatron toolbar and you can get to the Customize screen.  This is the dialog to create menus, toolbars, or hot key definitions.  You can also view a printable list of all the hot keys that have been defined.

Hot keys are stored in this file – C:\program data\3d systems\cimatron\14.0\data\pullcommands.ini

The Pullcommands.ini file is a readable file when opened in notepad.  Copying this file to other Cimatron PC's will duplicate the hot keys to that station.

*Note:  There are two other pullcommands.ini files found in the system folders, one in Data\NC\preference and one in Sourcedata\NC\preference. Don’t bother with these. If you make a new hotkey you will notice that the save date on these does not change, where as the one in the ‘Data’ folder will.