FlexLM Installation Procedures for New Installations

These instructions are intended for the initial installation of the GibbsCAM Network License Option on a server not previously configured for GibbsCAM.  If you are currently using FlexLM for other applications but not GibbsCAM these instructions are still suitable.  Otherwise you should be using the document labeled FlexLM Upgrade Instructions.
Step 1 - Installing the server
  • Insert the Network License Option License Files CD and click the Install Server button.  If Autorun is disabled on your system open the CD and run Setup. If you received the license files by e-mail you will first need to unzip the file to a floppy, CD or other portable media.  If your license files are on a floppy disk insert the disk and run Setup.exe.
  • Launch LMTOOLS.EXE.  It can be downloaded by clicking HERE
  • On the Server/License File page set it to Configuration Using Services
  • Change to the Configure Services page.   The following steps are best achieved by selecting the Browse button.
  • In the Service Name field type Gibbs
  • Set the Path to the lmgrd.exe file field as shown above
  • Set the Path to the license file field as shown above
  • Check Use Services and Start Server at Power Up
  • Go to the Start/Stop/Reread page and select Start Server.  Wait approximately 15 seconds then change to the Server Status page and click on Perform Status Enquiry.
If you are running Windows XP SP2 with the firewall option enabled click HERE.
Step 2 - Installing the client (it does not matter in what order the following steps are performed)
  • Insert the Network License Option License Files CD and click the Install Client button.  The contents of the Client folder on the CD can be copied to your server or e-mailed to the client systems.  The user on the client system would need to run setup.exe in order to properly install this option.
  • Insert the GibbsCAM NLO installation CD and follow the prompts to install the GibbsCAM software.
Question:        Can I specify which port is used for the GibbsCAM Network License Option?

Answer:          Yes.  Open the c:FlexLMGibbs.dat file in any text editor.  On the line that starts with Server add the port number to the end of the line.  It should look like this:

SERVER 00b0d0e6646a 27004                         

Your IP and Ethernet addresses will be different.  Any port may be used.  If no port is specified the next available port within the range of 27000-27009 is used.
Question:        Can I point to a machine name or domain name instead of to an IP address?

Answer:          Yes.  Open the c:/FlexLM/Gibbs.dat file in any text editor.  On the line that starts with Server replace the IP address with the machine name or domain name.  On the server you will need to perform the Following after making this change:
  • Launch LMTools
  • Select Configuration Using Services
  • Change to the Start/Stop/Reread tab
  • Click Stop Service
  • Wait a few seconds then click Start Service
You will then need to make this same edit to the Gibbs.dat file on each client system.  The same Gibbs.dat file is used on the server and client so you can copy the file you've already edited to the client systems and simply replace the existing file.