If you are setting up a new server please follow these steps to begin the process of having your license files created. These steps should be followed for new installations as well as sites where the server is being changed.  Important - If you are changing to a virtual server see the info at the bottom of this article.

Click HERE to download the Gethost application.

Place this application on the system that will act as your server and run in. Click on the 'Save to File' button and e-mail the resulting file to

Gethost.exe is designed to collect the IP and MAC addresses of the system and save them to a file in a format that allows us to create the license files. We will generally e-mail the license files and installation instructions in 24-48 hours.

You can save some time by completing and faxing THIS FORM to our Sales department at 805-523-0006.

If you need the LMTools configuration utility please click HERE.

Virtual Servers - In order to install the GibbsCAM NLO server service on a virtual server you MUST be locked to a hardware key.  You can contact your reseller or the GibbsCAM Sales office (800-654-9399) for more information about adding a hardware key to your installation  Please note that many virtual server software programs have trouble mapping to a USB port so be sure to check this first.