The creation and installation of the license file can now be done via the internet or manually using electronic or physical mail when the customer's environment does not allow internet access.


Step 1

Setting up the server.

a)      Run 'GibbsCAM NLO Server v2.27.0.0 - en-US.msi' to install the Registration Tool and support files.

  •   Select the installation folder for Registration Tool.

  • Click 'Next'.

  • Installation is complete. You can now access the Registration Tool from the location you specified or through the Start->All Programs->GibbsCAM NLO Server->GibbsCAM Registration Tool menu.

  • If you have a hardware key please plug in the key and download and install the hardware key drivers on your server.

b)      Go to Start-->All Programs-->GibbsCAM NLO Server-->GibbsCAM Registration Utility 

  • Select Network License Server as the Registration Type

  • Click on Run Registration Tool

  • Enter your Product Code and registration information, click Finish.

  • A license file, 'license#####-#.lic', will be created in your deployment directory.

  • Select Yes in response to, 'Would you like to install RLM license server applications in ?'

  • If your Windows Firewall is turned on you will be asked to open two ports.

  • Select Yes in response to, 'RLM server application copied. The RLM server uses ports 2764 and 2765. Do you want these ports opened in the windows firewall?'

  • Select Yes in response to, 'Would you like to start the RLM server as a Windows Service', unless you prefer to start the RLM server manually from a command prompt.

Step 2

Installing the client software on each node.

a)      Install the GibbsCAM software on each client machine.

b)      Be sure the RLM server is running.

The RLM server contains an embedded Web Server which is started automatically on port 5054 when RLM is started. To use the web server, simply point your browser to: http://ServerHostName:5054 and select. 'Status', (example: http://nancy-pc1:5054)

c)      Deploy your license file on each client machine. 

You can do this manually or GibbsCAM can do this for you when you launch the system for the first time.  GibbsCAM will detect that no valid License is in place and License Installation screen will display.  The License Installation dialog allows you enter in the product code.  Use the same product code that was used for the server.

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