These steps should help you to identify and fix a 'Hardware Key not Found' message when starting GibbsCAM.

First, identify the key type you are using:

  • Sentinel SuperPro - This key is manufactured by SafeNet and is the type generally included with your software when you purchase GibbsCAM You can identify the key by reading the lettering embossed in the plastic.
  • HASP - This key is manufactured by Aladdin and is a time-based key. A HASP key will be set to expire on a given date and is generally shipped to customers evaluating GibbsCAM or who made arrangement to make payments on their purchase.

Additionally, there are two types of keys in use: USB and Parallel.

  • USB: compact 'fob'-type key that will attach to a system via the USB port on your system.
  • Parallel: Rectangular key that plugs into the printer port of your system.

After identifying the type of key you have be sure you installed the corresponding version when GibbsCAM was installed. If you are unsure insert the installation CD and perform the installation again.


Download and install the appropriate drivers from the list below. Often an update driver will fix the issue. On occasion the drivers included on the installation CD are not fully functional under certain Windows configurations.

Rainbow Drivers

HASP Drivers

USB  Parallel port adapters:

These adapters have been used with some success. In all cases the ability of the key to function on an adapter is dependent upon the drivers available from the adapter manufacturer. We do not currently know a specific adapter that is known to work with either of the hardware keys we use. When considering an adapter be sure to check the web site of the manufacturer regarding hardware key or "dongle" support.


If, after installing the drivers as outlined above, the problem persists please try the solutions below:

  • Make sure the key is securely attached to the correct port.
  • Re-install GibbsCAM ensuring that you select the correct key type
  • If other devices are attached to the back of the key try unplugging the other devices to see if any are conflicting.
  • Check your system Device Manager to make sure there are no problems with the port being used.
  • Try installing GibbsCAM on a different computer. This is a good way to check whether the key has failed.
  • Go to Start-->Control Panels and run Add/Remove Programs. Look through the list of installed programs and make sure Sentinel is not listed more than once. If you see multiple Sentinel applications uninstall them all and install the newly-downloaded drivers to insure only the most current drivers are installed.