Unattended (Quiet) Installation Mode
If you are familiar with the Microsoft Windows Installer tool (msiexec), you can use display options such as /quiet and /passive to minimize user interaction. A few of the most useful capabilities are described below; for complete information, see Microsoft documentation. The GibbsCAM installer is shipped as an .exe file, not as a native .msi. If you want to use the msiexec capabilities, you must first obtain the .msi file embedded within the .exe file.

To obtain the GibbsCAM MSI
  1. Run the GibbsCAM .exe installer for your system. If prompted by User Account Control to allow access, click Yes.  The filename has the form GibbsCAM2011_x<32 or 64>_v10.1.x.y_<language>.exe, varying by system type, GibbsCAM version, and language.
  2. In Windows Explorer, open the folder C:\Windows\Installer\Cache\Gibbs\ and find the corresponding .msi file associated with this version of GibbsCAM.
    For example, when installing to a 64-bit system in American English, the .msi filename would look like this: GibbsCAM2011_x64_v10.1.x.y_en-US.msi.
  3. Copy the .msi file to some other location and then cancel the installation wizard.
To run the GibbsCAM MSI
  • Open a Command Prompt and run msiexec against the copied .msi file, using the command-line switches, options, and parameters that are appropriate to your needs for your version of Windows


To run an ordinary unattended installation of GibbsCAM, enter the following command: "msiexec /i <path>\GibbsCAM2011_[...].msi /quiet"

To install just one feature, but not all of GibbsCAM, use the ADDLOCAL parameter without MainFiles. For example, to install only the SolidWorks add-in and nothing else: "msiexec /i <path>\GibbsCAM2011_[...].msi /quiet ADDLOCAL=SolidWorksAddIn"

To install one feature in addition to GibbsCAM, use the ADDLOCAL parameter with MainFiles. For example, to install the SolidWorks add-in along with GibbsCAM: "msiexec /i <path>\GibbsCAM2011_[...].msi /quiet ADDLOCAL=MainFiles,SolidWorksAddIn"

To install GibbsCAM in unattended mode with all features: "msiexec /i <path>\GibbsCAM2011_[...].msi /quiet ADDLOCAL=ALL"

FeatureName (msiexec) Description (Setup Wizard)


GibbsCAM Add-In. Integrates Celeritive VoluMill high-productivity machining processes into GibbsCAM.


GibbsCAM Add-In. This option, developed by Productec, installs the generic engine to run any ProAXYZ Driver (.ps2).

CAD Add-Ins allow you to transfer files directly from other system.

Each of the following adds new function to the user interface for:
CimatronE (32-bit)
CimatronE (64-bit)
InventorAddinFeature Autodesk Inventor 2009 and earlier
Autodesk Inventor 2010 through 2012 (32-bit)
Autodesk Inventor 2010 through 2012 (64-bit)
KeyCreatorAddin KeyCreator 7
KeyCreator8Addin KeyCreator 8
KeyCreator9Addin KeyCreator 9
KeyCreator10Addin KeyCreator 10 (64-bit)
Rhino4Addin Rhinoceros 4 NURBS modeling
Rhino5Addin Rhinoceros 5 NURBS modeling
SolidEdge20AddIn Solid Edge version 20
SolidEdge100AddIn Solid Edge ST version 100 and some later releases
SolidWorksAddIn SolidWorks

Because of third-party vendor requirements, some GibbsCAM prerequisites cannot be installed using the GibbsCAM .msi file, but are instead contained within the GibbsCAM .exe file and extracted to a user data folder (such as C:\Users\<LoginName>\AppData\Local\Temp\...\Disk1\
on Windows 7 or Vista). Their names, purposes, and quiet-mode installation commands are provided below. Any of the following that has already been installed does not need to be re-installed:
  • SQL Server Compact Edition
    Purpose: Needed for proper toolholder support.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition
    Purpose: Needed for proper toolholder support.
    Quiet install command: "msiexec /i SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.msi /quiet"
  • SQL Server Compact Edition, 64-bit
    Purpose: Needed for proper toolholder support on 64-bit GibbsCAM only
    Quiet install command: "msiexec /i SCERuntime_x64-ENU.msi /quiet"
  • Sentinel hardware key driver
    Purpose: Needed only if your GibbsCAM software is secured using Sentinel Rainbow keys.
    Quiet install command: "Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.3.exe /S /v/qn"
  • HASP key drivers
    Purpose: Needed only if your GibbsCAM software is secured using HASP keys.
    Quiet install command: "haspdinst.exe -i -nomsg"