Unattended (Quiet) Installation Mode
In order to install GibbsCAM 12 and later silently you will need to first run the installer manually using the "record mode" argument to generate a Response File (.ISS).  This is a text file that will store the Install Directory of the installation, the add-ins chosen and whether or not to launch the Migration Tool.

To generate the ISS file:
  • Run the command -
GibbsCAM_x64_<Version>.exe /r /f1<path>\ResponseFileName.ISS

example - GibbsCAM_x64_v12.0.1.0_en-US.exe /r /f1C:\ProgramData\ACME\Downloads\GibbsCAM\Response_v12.ISS

This will launch the installer in “record mode” and recording the steps taken by the user into the .ISS file. 

PLEASE NOTE: The installer must be run start to finish. Including pressing “Finish” on the final dialog.

Once you have the Response File, you can then play back the same install on any system you choose.  
Simply use the same command-line used to generate the file running "silently" instead of "record"

You may also use –f2”<Path>\Log_File.log” to generate a log file in a specific location during the command 
line install. This will use the Response File to replay the same installation steps taken originally to install 
GibbsCAM on the target system.