This article discusses customizations that have been added to post processors for customers in the past. Some of these require extensive programming and may incur a charge. For additional information about adding any of these changes to your post processor please contact our post processor department HERE.

  1. Longhand : mills, advanced mills, rotary mills
  2. Extended Work Fixture Offsets
  3. Additional mill drilling cycles : boring cycles : case, fine, back
  4. c-axis advanced mills
  5. b-axis mill/turns
  6. Rotating head mills
  7. Spaces between g-codes in output
  8. Inch to metric
  9. Utility operations output for lathes
  10. Output tool list at the beginning of g-code program
  11. Spindle gear ranges
  12. Rotary mill clamping
  13. Each tool or operation output as a separate program
  14. Additional lathe threading cycles
  15. Combined X+ and X- output in lathe parts
  16. Additional coolant options

This is a small list of customizations and may not be complete. If you want something special and don't know if it can be done please contact POSTS or SUPPORT