You can create a default part which can include tool lists, geometry and settings that will be applied to any new part you create as follows.

V9 and later

  • Create a part file which includes the tools and features you would like to be included in any new part
  • Go to File-->Save as Default
    • Select Type Default Part when you want the tools and other data loaded whenever the type of machine you have selected is used.
    • Select MDD Default Part when you want the tools and other data loaded only when using the specific MDD you have selected.


To activate this function create a new part with the desired machine type, tools, stock, etc. and save it as a default part file.

The default file must be named:

  • New Lathe Part.vnc
  • New Mill Part.vnc
  • New Mlll_Turn Part.vnc

These files must be saved in the GibbsCAM installation folder. All three default files may be used.

Any time you create a new file Gibbs will check for the existence of the default part file and will load the data from that file into the part.