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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS version 64-bit

OpenHaptics Installer

Openhaptics for Linux v3.4

Haptic device driver Installer

Touch Device Driver v2019.2.15

Touch Device Driver v2019.2.15 supports USB and Ethernet interface Touch devices.

Driver Installation Instructions:
Driver installation guide



Support Notes

We'd like to share a couple of common issues:

1. In an addition with supplied USB Ethernet adapter, there are other approaches to connect an Ethernet Touch device to your computer.


2. If an Ethernet Touch device is locally connected to your computer (including using USB Ethernet adapter), you might need to change the connection mode to "Link-Local Only". 


3. If the device position is constant and your OS language is not English, consider changing locales:

(1) Try changing your both LC_NUMERIC and LANG to "en_US.UTF-8" first. There should be online instructions like these: 

You might need to regenerate, reconfigure locales or restart.

(2) If still no luck, set your LC_ALL to "en_US.UTF-8". The setting will overwrite individual LC settings. This should work but could be overkill.