General Workflow:

Point Processing

How To Use The Available Selection Tools

How to Manually Align Scans Using Manual Registration
How to Improve Scan Data Alignment Using Global Registration in Wrap
How to Automatically Align Scans Using Global Registration

How to Merge Individual Scans into a Single Polygon Object

How to Clean Up Point Data in Wrap

How To Reduce Noise

Overview of the Point Sampling Commands

How to Convert a Point Object to a Polygon Object using Wrap

Mesh Processing:

How to Align your Data to the World Coordinate

How to Use MeshDoctor to Improve Polygon Data in Wrap

How to use Defeature to Improve Polygon Data in Wrap

How To Decimate A Polygon Object

How to Use Relax to Improve Polygon Data in Wrap

How to Improve Polygon Data Using Relax (Advanced)

How To Use the Trim Polygons commands

Exact Surfacing :

How To Use Enhance Mesh For Surfacing To Clean Up Polygon Data

How to Automatically Create a NURBS model
How to Detect Contours in the Exact Surfacing phase

How to Edit Contours in Exact Surfaces

How to Generate Patches in the Exact Surfacing phase

How to Construct Grids and create a NURBS surface in Exact Surfacing

Other Videos:

How to Perform a Best Fit Alignment
How To Project an Image
How To Create a RPS Alignment
How to Perform a 3-2-1 Alignment
How To Improve The Polygon Surface Using Optimize Edges And QuickSmooth
How to Mirror a Polygon Model
How To Offset Polygon Data Including The Engrave and Emboss Commands
How To Refine a Polygon Model
How To Use The Make Manifold Commands
How To Use The Shell and Thicken Commands To Offset Polygon Data

How To Use Selection Sets

Complete Workflow: Points To AutoSurface