Link: Offload Calculation Seat Install guide

Link: Offload Calculation Seat hardware guide

     Note:  Offload Calculation software
 cannot be installed on a PC where Cimatron has already been installed.

1) Select a suitable PC to handle Offload Calculation.  Supported operating systems are:
    + Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, or Server 2012 R2
    + Windows 7, 8, or 10

2) Insert the Hasp Key into an available USB port on the PC.  Having the key plugged in prior to installation assures the the Hasp driver will install.

3) Start the installation main Autorun screen.  Select Cimatron.

4) Select [ Install ] on the SuperBox (calculation seat).

5) Select Next if you accept the terms of the licensing agreement.

6) We recommend installing the software to the default folder location.

7) Select Install to begin the installation process.

8)  The Offload Calculation utility installs in about 1 minute.
     A reboot of the PC will be asked for to complete the install process.

9) To access the Superbox Manager utility, return a regular Cimatron seat and open the external Control panel.
     From the utilities tab, run the SuperBox Manager.

​10) The Superbox Manager is a network application and will identify any Superbox PC.
    The green light indicates that network connection rate is good.

11)  To control SuperBox access, version or license, you must login to the administrator tab of the utility.
     (Click on the arrow to proceed.  The password field is empty until you create one.)

a.)  Access Control.  Select the Access Management > Superbox Access Permissions function.  Network PCs that will be using the Superbox
    should be added to the White List.  Others can be Black Listed.

b.) Licensing.  Select the License Management> Replace License File function.  Browse to the license file that matches the Hasp Key
on the Superbox PC and select it.  (This uploads the license to the Superbox.  It is not mandatory to keep the license file on the local PC any longer.)

c.) Version Updates.  The SuperBox seat must be kept at the same patch version as Cimatron.
    Select the Upgrade Version > Enable SB Updates function.  We recommend keeping the Enable on Automatic.
    Matching the Superbox version to the current Cimatron version only requires using Cimatron and executing an NC toolpath.

12) Check the Superbox manager anytime to view the processing activity.  Any NC toolpath not slated for immediate execution
      will now be using the Superbox to help with calculation.