A Cimatron Student license allows full use of the software, but with very restricted ability to output or save.  (1 MB file max).
Note:  The information below is only valid for requests coming from the U.S. and Canada.  All other requests must be forwarded to your local Cimatron provider.

1) Install Cimatron.  There is no special version for the Student license.  Use the normal Cimatron install.

2) Unlike a commercial license, a student license does not require a Hasp Key.  Instead the the student version is licensed
    to a specific PC.  The license will ONLY work on that PC.  The PC needs to meet the Cimatron minimum hardware requirements.

3)  At the chosen PC, run the Get NODE IDs utility.  Find it on the Licensing tab of the Cimatron external control panel.
    If the software has not been installed, you can download the utility here - GetNodeIDs

4)  Chose the option "Save to File".
     This will create a .txt file in the folder you specify.

5) Send an email entitled "Cimatron Student License request" to
    Attach the .txt file to the email. 
    Include :  Your Name
                    City, State, Country, Postal Code
                    Telephone number

6)  Your Cimatron student license file will be emailed to you.