Link: Installation Instructions

Link: Troubleshooting Guide

Note:  if the install was downloaded, it may be a .rar or .iso file.  These must first be unpacked to a folder on your PC, or manually burned to a DVD.

1) Select a suitable PC for Cimatron installation.  For detailed hardware and operating system recommendations, see the hardware requirement
article or the Cimatron\Release notes folder in the install.

2) Insert the Hasp Key into an available USB port on the PC.  Having the key plugged in prior to installation assures the the Hasp driver will install.

3) Insert the DVD to view the main Autorun screen.  If the install was downloaded and unzipped, run the Cimatron14.exe file.
   Select Cimatron.

4) Select [ Install ] on the Cimatron row

5) Select Next if you accept the terms of the licensing agreement.

6) We recommend installing the software to the default folder location.
    The saved files folder is simply a default folder for your Cimatron parts.

7) Select Install to begin the installation process.

8) The install process will take about 5 minutes

9)  You will usually be asked to reboot the PC at the Finish of the install.