Floating USB Dongle Driver and Server Installation

Note: This configuration requires a specially purchased Floating USB Dongle that will be red in color.

1) Download the Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup here and save to the machine you wish to host the license.

2) Extract the files to a temporary directory.

3) Double click the HASPUserSetup.exe to install the HASP License Manager and USB Dongle Driver.

4) Advance through the stages of the installer.

5) Insert your Floating USB Dongle in the USB port on your server.

6) The red LED on the USB Dongle should light up as pictured above.


Floating USB Dongle Server Configuration/Management

1) Navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and make sure that the Sentinel LDK License Manger service is running.

2) The Sentinel Admin Control Center allows you to check which clients are currently connected to the server PC and using the products.  This can be accessed by going to http://localhost:1947 in any browser.  The sessions page will shows which clients are using licenses.

3) If you require remote access to this page you can configure access here.  The admin control center can be accessed remotely by going to: SERVER_IP:1947 or SERVER_NAME:1947


Client Activation

1) When launching the software on the client machine the license server should be picked up automatically if the server is on the same subnet.  If everything is configured correctly the licenses on the dongle can be viewed on the client Geomagic License Utility.  This article shows how to view dongles through the license utility.

2) Follow the steps here if the client machines are not on the same subnet as the server.