A)  Geomagic License Server Utility Installation

1) Download the Geomagic License Server Utility and save it to the machine you wish to host the license.

2) Click on the installer and select the desired language, and click OK.


3) Click Next.


4) Click Install.



5) Complete the installation by clicking Finish.


B)  Server Activation

Please follow the steps below to activate a Floating Network License (formerly Virtual Dongle with Local Network).

Note: The following instructions are for server-side activation only.

1) Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Systems\Geomagic license server Utility and run GSLicenseServerUtility.exe

2) Select Activation.


3) Enter your Activation Code and Email Address when prompted.


Note: If the activation code has been applied before you may be required to enter additional information.

4) After pressing the next arrow you should receive a confirmation screen.


5) For additional information on configuring, deactivating, and transferring licenses please see our complete Licensing Guide.

C)  Client Activation

Please follow the steps below to activate your Geomagic Solutions Product using a Network License (formerly Virtual Dongle with Local Network Sharing) configuration.

1) After first launching the software you will be presented with the following screen.


2) Select Run License Tool.


3) Select Network License (formerly Virtual Dongle with Local Network Sharing).


4) Enter the Server Name/IP Address and TCP/IP Port Number and press the Register Server button.


5) After pressing the Register Server button you should receive a Process Succeeded message and the product will launch.