1. Import the solid into GibbsCAM
  2. From the upper tool bar menu select Show Edges. The edges of the Solid will appear.
  3. You can either
    1. select an edge that you would like to extract geometry or select more than one edge by holding the Ctrl key for each edge or
    2. Using the Edit menu, Select/Edges will select all edges of the Solid
  4. Once the Edges have been selected that you would like to extract go to the Geometry Pallet and click on the Geometry from Solids button.
  5. The first tile on the new pallet is Geometry Extraction.
  6. The tolerance is set to a default of zero. Leave this at zero if you are extracting geometry for use as trim data or contraint geometry. If you are attempting to get circles and lines to machine enter .001 in the tolerance and then click the Do It button.
  7. You should have the extracted geometry, you can turn off Show Solids from the Task Bar on the upper left hand side to hide the solid and just see geometry. Make sure that you have Show Geometry turned on. Both buttons are located on the top row of buttons on your screen.