The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize you with the use of the Hole Manager tool located in the Wizards pull-down menu within GibbsCAM. This tool works with solids so the 2.5D Solids option or the SolidSurfacer option is required. Version 7.0 or later is required for this exercise.

Click HERE to retrieve the part used in this exercise.


  • Open Hole Manager Tutorial.VNC
  • Select the solid in this part and go to WizardsHole Manager
  • Click the Run AFR button. AFR stands for Automatic Feature Recognition and will identify all the holes in this part.
  • Select Create New Data Set and click OK
  • Select 1 CS per Orientation (do not select Use Part Origin) and click OK
    A list of 17 holes will be created with all the characteristics detailed for each hole
  • Click the Auto Group button near the bottom of the Hole Manager page.
  • Select Process Parameters and click OK. Holes of the same size and CS will be grouped together.
  • Select Group 1 and click the Hole Wiz button
    A window will appear to define the drill hole. Spotting and Drilling should be checked by default on this page. Click the button with the red check mark to see if the needed tools exist. They do not. Click the Create Tool links for the spot drill and drill to create the two tools needed for these holes and close this window.
  • Click Next
  • On the Create pattern & select page the only item you will generally need to edit is the Entry Clearance field. Set this to .1
  • Click Next
  • Click Build Processes
  • Click Build Operations
  • Click Finish and close the Hole Manager window.
  • Render the part and you will see the four one inch holes spot drilled and drilled.
  • Close Cut-part Rendering
  • Go to WizardsHole Manager
  • Click on Group 2 and click the Hole Wiz button
  • Uncheck Spotting
  • Click the red check mark and create the tool needed for these holes (close the Hole Wizard Checker window)
  • Click Next
  • Set the Entry Clearance to .1
  • Click Next
  • Click Rebuild Processes
  • If the button on the bottom says Rebuild Operations it will replace the operations highlighted on the right. If you click an empty operation tile the button will change to Build Operations
  • Click Build Operations
  • Click Finish and close the Hole Manager window
  • Go to Cut-part rendering

There are other hole groups in this part you can use to practice with this tool. The real value of this tool is evident on holes like the second group we machined. The angle of the CS, the centerpoint, and the depth of the holes may not be known and can be difficult to ascertain.