This article and part requires you have the 2.5D Solids or SolidSurfacer option.

Click HERE for the part used in this example

1. Switch to the XY plane, if not already there.

2. Select the entire model.



3. From the "Wizards" menu choice, select "Hole Manager".

4. From the Hole Manager,select "Run AFR".

5. The AFR Update Options dialog is activated select "Create New Data Set" and "Match Same Face IDs and click on "O.K".


6. The AFR Options dialog will appear, from that dialog select "1 CS per Orientation" and click O.K.

7. The Hole Manager will create a perpendicular CS at the entry and exit of each hole. The red frame indicators can then be used to select individual CS’s and geometry will appear indicating the direction axis perpendicular to the CS.