One of the new additions to the GibbsCAM 2004 release is the Profiler. The profiler is used to create a horizontal slice of the solid model at depth allowing the user to apply rough and/or contour machining functions directly to the model without the need to extract geometry or faces.


When the profiler is selected, you will see a green grid appear on screen. This grid can then be placed along the depth axis of the active coordinate system to create a 2D cross section of the solid model that can then be machined.

Placement of the profiler is controlled in one of two ways: click and drag the grid along the depth axis or right mouse click the grid to activate a dialog that will allow you to specify a depth value. This dialog will also select all profiles and selected faces from selected profiles. (Shown below)

Once the profiler has highlighted the edges, the user can select individual or entire features for machining.

The markers that appear for selecting the side of the cut do not appear, as the cutter is driven off of the solid model. They are positioned outside of the geometry for contour processes and inside the geometry for pocketing. An additional feature allows for the placement of the start and end machining markers to be placed relative to the start and end point of the selected feature by a specified amount. This is accomplished by right mouse clicking the desired marker and typing in the desired amount and pressing Apply


The profiler may also be used with the geometry from solids option located on the main geometry creation palette to extract geometry from a solid model

As in all cases, for further information or questions on the use of this utility, or any other in the GibbsCAM product, please contact our Tech Support department at phone number 805.523.0004 fax number 805.523.0006 or by e-mail at