If you want to be able to specify on a per-part basis the work-fixture offset output in the g-code program you probably want to utilize a postscript command included in most standard mill post processors (Not advanced mill posts) called NEWWFO. To determine whether your post includes this command and to determine the correct syntax for its use perform the following steps:

  • Open a GibbsCAM part that includes machining
  • Go to File-->Preferences-->Post Processor
  • Check Special Functions
  • Post process your part

At the beginning of your g-code program will be a lot of new comments. These comments detail the specifics of the post and any included postscript commands. If NEWWFO is included it will be detailed here including information on exactly how the text needs to be formatted,

Most posts implement the NEWWFO command as follows:


The number represents the work fixture number to be output. In a Fadal post you might input a 2 instead of a 55. This command is placed in the At Op Start or At Op End field in the Operation Data page of an operation. To access this page right-click the operation and select Operation Data.