Yes! Version 7.3.1 and later include a new tool called MDDEditor.exe. You should perform the following steps to install this tool

  • Right-click on the shortcut you usually click on to run GibbsCAM and select Properties
  • Select the Find Target button
  • Open the Extras folder
  • Select the file called MDDEditor.exe
  • Go to Edit→Copy
  • Click the Back button
  • Go to Edit→Paste

This will copy the MDD Editor to the proper location. Run the MDD Editor by double-clicking the MDDEditor.exe application. Go to File→Open and select the MDD you wish to assign a post processor. Most of your MDDs will be stored the MDD folder of your GibbsCAM installation.

To assign a post to this MDD click on the browse button (this may have three dots instead of the word browse) and change directories to where you store your posts. Select the post you'd like associated with this machine and select Open. Close the MDD Editor and save your changes. When posting parts using this MDD the post processor selected should automatically appear in the posting dialog.