The Create Spiral plug-in does not require any existing geometry...only an open part. All parameters are entered in a single dialog selected from the Plug-In menu. This feature creates spiral geometry which may then be used to generate spiral cuts. The geometry will be created at the coordinate specified in the dialog at a depth of zero.

X Coordinate: Horizontal coordinate of the origin.
Y Coordinate: Vertical coordinate of the origin.
Outer Radius: Radius of the outer edge of the spiral or the starting point.
Inner Radius: Radius of the inner edge of the spiral or the ending point.
Offset: Gap between revolutions of the spiral.
The Create Spiral Plug-In can also generate a Z-axis revolved spiral around X0Y0 when the Plug-In is activated with selected geometry. The geometry may be an arc, line ,or spline and must be created in the XY plane. The system will generate a spiral with the profile of the selected geometry; it can then be machined with a Contouring process. Note that the geometry should not cross X0 (or the Y axis) as the shape will need to be revolved.

Create a new metric part named Spiral.vnc with the dimensions X+50, -50; Y+50,-50; Z0, -25.
Select Create Spiral from the Plug-Ins menu.
The spiral will be centered around the part’s origin. The spiral’s Outer Radius is 45mm, the
Inner Radius is 5mm and the offset between revolutions is 5mm.
Enter the spiral’s parameters as shown in the following image. Click OK when you are ready.
When viewed from the isometric view, your screen should look like the following image.
Note that the geometry is centered around X0 Y0.
This spiral is now ready to be machined. Apply a Contouring process to the geometry, specify the depth and you’ve got a spiral cut. If you have SolidSurfacer, the toolpath may be projected down onto the part.
In order to illustrate this approach, we will now create a spiral with existing geometry:
Select the Mouse Line tool from the Line sub-palette in the Geometry Creation palette.
Switch to Home View. Starting in the X+Y- quadrant, click and drag the cursor to create a series of connected line segments similar to the ones shown below. Be sure the geometry does not cross X0 (or the Y axis) as the shape needs to be revolved.

Double-click the any line segment to select the geometry and activate the Create Spiral Plug-In. This will open the Spiral Generation Parameter dialog, which is a bit more complex than the Create a Spiral dialog (which opens when no
geometry is selected). Enter the values as shown in the following image and click OK.

Delete the line segment for a better view of the spiral.
The system generates a spiral shaped with the profile of the selected geometry.

For additional information or assistance, customers can always call or e-mail the GibbsCAM Technical Support Department. 805.523.0004