GPP2 variables for NC setup name and comment are pre-defined.


The system will only output these in the beginning of proc block of the post, but you can make a user variable to store 
and output them in the post script block to rename the posted file.

at the top of the post, format a character variable for XML_SETUP_NAME and XML_SETUP_COMMENT
(For example SetupName and SetupComment as shown below.)

FORMAT (CHARACTER)      SetupName SetupComment ;

Since they only work in the beginning of proc block assign the system variables to your variables there.

SetupName = XML_SETUP_NAME ;
SetupComment = XML_SETUP_COMMENT ;

Down in the post script block change (Filename) to whichever variable you want to use.
Compile and post to test.  Your program name will now be equal to what you typed in the NC setup name.