The Compare function makes an assumption - that the parts are a different version of each other so surely have a common base UCS.

If the new part you receive does not share a common Coordinate System with the original data, it can be hard to overlay them.
In Compare you are allowed to pick a new UCS for orientation, but only in the "new" part, the one being imported.
So you need a UCS in your new part in the exact location of UCS_10  in the original part.
If one does not exist you will have to make it.  We recommend starting an empty assembly, then bring in your old part.  Next place your new part, by screen pick.
Use the connect feature to align the parts on top of each other.  Then in the new part create a UCS copy of the old part UCS_10.  That's the one you need.

Save this new UCS in the new part.  The assembly you no longer need, it can be deleted.