This Tech Tip is intended to illustrate the use of our recently incorporated FlashCPR functionality. With the availability of v7.3, you will find a new feature that gives the user additional control over the cut part rendering process. One of the concerns customers expressed was that they would like to be able to change the orientation of the CPR image without re-generating all of the machining operations. Flash CPR is an OpenGL based rendering option that provides an alternative to the standard rendering mode. Flash CPR is a non-view dependant option meaning that the part can be rotated, zoomed and panned during the cut part rendering. There are several other capabilities that go along with Flash CPR including the Rapid Cut option that displays only the end condition of each operation, resulting in a much faster rendering, but at a lower display resolution.
Flash CPR is a preference that is activated from the FILE-->PREFERENCES menu selection.

Once activated in the graphics preference, Flash CPR is activated and deactivated by right-clicking on the Render button in the Top Level palette and choosing the Flash CPR option. The Flash CPR option uses the same Render Control palette as the traditional rendering engine, located on the right margin of the screen. With CPR off, when you right mouse click the tile, you will see a checkbox that will turn the feature on or off locally.

Right mouse clicking on the title bar of the Render Control Panel activates a pull down menu with a series of selections.
The last item in the menu is the Settings choice. This selection brings up a Flash CPR Dialog that allows the user to control the speed, quality and color of the Flash CPR display. Alternatively, this dialog can be accessed by opening the Graphics Preference dialog and clicking the Flash CPR Options button which opens the Rendering Preferences dialog. When the Flash CPR option is disabled, standard Cut Part Rendering will be used.

Statistics opens a window that logs the current frame rate for your machine as well as any logged errors for the CPR session. The colors of the background may be customized in the Rendering Preferences dialog.
Additional functionality has been introduced into the Render/Wireframe Taskbar Button. The Render/Wire Frame button has three states in Flash CPR. The button's three states are Show Hidden Lines, Wireframe and Show Solids. The color of the lines can be set in the Flash CPR preferences.