Version 8 includes many new enhancements relating to the appearance of the screen. In addition, there are also a number of preset configurations to choose from. These preset configurations are not editable but you can use one of them to make a duplicate as a starting point for your own configuration. These steps will walk you through this process.

  • Go to FilePreferences and click on the Common tab
  • Under Appearance you can specify settings for Display, Flash CPR and Simulation
  • For Display the default setting is GibbsCAM 2006. Be sure it is set to this and click the Edit Appearance button
  • Click on the Duplicate button
  • On the right side of the Appearance Settings window you can modify various settings to customize how Gibbs looks on your screen. On each screen where a color can be specified you can modify this by typing in number, dragging the slide-bar or clicking on the button with the color.