We know of two separate issues that prevent the preference to use the older "optional" translators from working.
Try one or both of these fixes.
1).  The Optional translator code is not installed.
This is becoming a common problem, as the older translator code is no longer included in the Cimatron install set.  You can manually add it back in.  Create the folder "CadLook" in C:program files\3D systems\Cimatron\14.0\program\translators.  Download this zip file and paste the contents in the CadLook folder you made.
2).  An older Microsoft Distributable is missing.
This is also becoming common.  These older converters rely on an older bit of Windows code, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1_x64, to work.  Microsoft allows multiple versions of these types of programs to be installed, so you should not need to uninstall any windows component.  Just add this one.