Replacing a Cimatron preference file is a way to setup a new install in a standard way, or to fix a corrupt preference file.
Preference files are kept by the system in two folders:
  1. C:\Program Data\3D Systems\Cimatron\14.0\Data\Resource
  2. C:\Program Files\3D Systems\Cimatron\14.0\SourceData\Resource

You must replace the file in both folders.

The replacement CimatronE.prf file can come from a known good PC.  If you do this be aware that you MUST use a preference file from the SAME VERSION of Cimatron.  Never use a preference file from a previous version of Cimatron E.  Changes in each version dictate that the preference file is version specific.

You can obtain a known good default preference file for any version by contacting the Cimatron tech support desk.