When you run a manual NC report, the image is set by the box on the screen.  But when you run a report from the post, there is
no opportunity for a picture.  In order to have a picture, you must prep it beforehand.  And the template must be setup to find it also.
Here are some steps:

1)  The post must be set to find the NC report.  First, copy the report template to the same folder the post resides in.   Then tell the post it has a matching report.  This is done by editing the df2 file, and adding in the report name on the output files tab.

2)  In the NC file use the function NC-process\capture Report Images.  This takes the picture that the report will use.

3)  The images get saved in the Cimatron\14.0\Data\NC\report images folder.  It's good to know this because they will stack up
here and take up space eventually.  (note the tool has a clear folder button in it.)

4)  Go to this folder and note that each image goes into a sub-folder with the job name, and that each image itself is named

5) Edit your report template.  It must be located in the post2 folder with your post.  Slide the picture over and edit the picture
hyper link.  It must say NcReportGeneralImage@ISO.

6) CAREFULLY slide the blank cimatron picture back into place.  It's position is important.  Save the template.

That should do it.  If you have taken a picture in the NC file, post the toolpath and check the report for the correct picture in place.