This process is for when the automatic updates to the superbox are not working.  Generally speaking updates will occur without any additional work under normal conditions.
Open the Cimatron external control panel on any PC that has access to the superbox.  Now click on Utilities-Superbox Manager.

When the Superbox window opens, pick the Administrator tab and pick on the arrow.  No password required.

Now select Upgrade Version-Manage Versions.  This will show you a list of the versions installed, date, and who did the upgrade.  Scroll to the bottom of the list and see what PC performed the last update.

Once you have identified what station last performed the upgrade move to that PC and open the Superbox control panel.  Select Upgrade version-Change Superbox Version and run the update.  When it's done close everything and restart the superbox.  Now open cimatron and perform a calculation.  This should register the update.