The Cimatron software protection device (Hasp keys) work in any version of USB port.  When they are in place during the installation of Cimatron, the Hasp driver will install and there should be no problem.  But if the Hasp key is only plugged in after installation has taken place, problems with the driver sometimes arise.

Here are the instructions for manually installing the Hasp driver:

*Note: Do not look for a suitable Hasp driver online.  The correct hasp driver for your version of Cimatron is included inside the Cimatron install.

In the C:\Program Files\3D systems\Cimatron\1X.0\program folder you will find the haspdinst.exe program.
If you double click it is will not run, but it will offer up an instruction page.  Note all the qualifiers that you can use with the installer.
To really run the .exe, you must open up a DOS window in this folder.  (CMD at run prompt.)
You can use these common commands:
haspdinst -info : Shows current hasp status
haspdinst -r :  Removes the current hasp driver
haspdinst -i : install the hasp driver.

Use the cimatron control panel utility "Get NODE IDs" to check for success.  When the hasp driver is properly installed, the 4 digit
node ID will be shown.  In the worst cases I've had to do several -r commands and -i commands to finally get it working.