If you are using Ejector Pocket, it can only provide 2 diameters.  The fit hole, which is equal to the pin itself, and a clearance size.
(What really happens is that the value you ask for as a clearance directly interacts with the pin cutting object D cut dimension.
It is driven by the value from ejector pocket.  What D cut shows in your catalog table never really gets used.)

You can however make it so that the ejector retainer plate gets a third size, a clearance different than what the core block gets via ejector pocket.
Because ejector pocket cannot do it, this has to be done in the catalog itself.  What you will do in the catalog is make an adjustment to the cutting object.
From the pin head up an inch or two only, do a solid remove so that it is necked down.  Because it is a short feature, it will only be seen in the ejector retainer plate.
You can set the size of this diameter 2 ways.  Either add it to the table and give each row a number, or set a formula like pin diameter plus .xxx.  Either will work great.